Worlds Been Had Colliding From The Vault: Michael Jackson And Chunk From The Goonies

Worlds have always been had colliding throughout the ages. Admittedly, this picture is a little intense because at first you’re just like, Fuck Yeah Childhood Dot Tumblr Dot Blog! But then you sort of think about it and remember that Michael Jackson wasn’t in The Goonies, obviously, but like to the extent that he didn’t even have a song on the soundtrack, and considering how things sort of played out with that guy later on, the idea of him just chilling on the set of a CHILDREN’S MOVIE full of ACTUAL CHILDREN is at least a little disconcerting. Even if Chunk did lie in the movie that Michael Jackson came to his house to use the bathroom. But yeah! Look at these two friends! Like two famous ships passing in the 80s. (Via PizzaTime.)