Best New Party Game 68: Name Your Vagina After A Movie

About a year ago, Gabe introduced the then-popular twitter hashtag game “describe your penis with a movie” into the Best New Party Game repertoire. I was reminded of it because the tag “#NameYourDickAfterAMovie” was trending today on Twitter (maybe some variation is ALWAYS trending?) and I thought, “Enough.” Enough with the MEN hogging all of the disgusting trending topic games. Lena Dunham exists now. Bridesmaids has been out for over a year. Girl posts outnumbered boy posts on Videogum today. I’m not sure that you can say the word “vagina” in the House of Representatives anymore, but I’m pretty sure you can AT LEAST say it on television without being fined a very large amount. It’s our time, ladies. Let’s play this vagina game. I’ll go first.

  • There Will Be Blood*
  • The Bone Collector**
  • You Can Count On Me
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • The Neverending Story

Very, very good. We all feel better now that we have our chance. Now you play!

**Gabe used The Bone Collector in the penis version, as well.