Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • James Franco interviewed Mila Kunis for Interview, and he talks about James Franco the exact amount you’d expect. Also there are lots of nice photos of Mila Kunis! -Interview
  • Here is a video of Ed Helms and Reggie Watts playing music together and it sounds good. Is everyone watching Comedy Bang Bang? Last week’s episode of Comedy Bang Bang with Paul Rudd was so good. You should watch that one. -IFC
  • A.V. Club does a thing where they have famous people put their iPods (or, LET’S BE REAL, telephones) on “shuffle” and comment on the first few songs that come up. They did it with Jon Hamm! Here it is! -AVClub
  • Larry King is debuting a new show on Hulu. In the first episode he’s going to talk to Seth MacFarlane, and a thing in the show is that he’s going to answer questions from Twitter. Onward and upward. -Mediaite
  • Barack and Michelle Obama shared a kiss on the Kiss Cam at some sports event recently. Those two crazy lovebirds. -Buzzfeed
  • Johnny Depp is going to star in the next Wes Anderson movie, and the movie is going to be called The Grand Budapest Hotel. Sure. I feel like I’ve already seen it, actually. -THR
  • We’ve heard a lot of awful stuff about Scientology over the last few years, but today NEWS BROKE about the worst thing about Scientology in the whole world. It’s the reason Brad Pitt is no longer with Juliette Lewis!!!! -Celebitchy
  • There’s some nerdy controversy going on with Rotten Tomatoes and Dark Knight critics and some sort of trolling critic and I don’t even WANT to know, but if you guys do, by all means. -FilmDrunk