Comic Book Convention Open Thread

Hey! This week is Comic-Con! Remember Comic-Con? Don’t remind me! What a nightmare. Is anyone there? I mean, I know people are there. Too many people are there, as far as I am concerned. But from US, is anyone there? How is it? WHO ARE YOU WEARING? You love it? You better love it. If you don’t love it, RUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN. Anyway, we are not at Comic-Con this year because we will never be at Comic-Con ever again, but it started yesterday in San Diego and runs through the weekend. Some stuff is happening, I guess? Like, there was a panel for Sam Raimi’s Wizard of Oz movie, and they showed a trailer for Homeland season 2 but didn’t put it on-line. OK. Same with the new season (7!!?!!!) of Dexter except they did put it up on-line and you can watch the first two minutes if you want. Uh, what else? There was a 50 Shades of Gray book signing and a preview of Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger “wowed” crowds according to the Hollywood Reporter, which would definitely not throw that word around lightly, I’m sure. Neil Gaiman is going to write some more Sandman stories. Oh, and Kristen Stewart is ready to sign on for a Twilight reboot already, thank God. So, there’s that. BoingBoing has an even more thorough general round-up of Comic Book Convention 2012 snooze. Ain’t no party like a big dork party cuz a big dork party don’t Quisp. (That’s a reference to an “out of print” brand of cereal that is often available for sale in comic book stores and other curio shoppes. The nerds get it. The nerds pretty much always get it. That’s why they’re nerds.) WELL? COMIC-CON OR WHAT?