Duh Aficionado Magazine: Pat Buchanan Is Still An A-Hole

After the jump, you can watch a clip of Pat Buchanan, that old piece of crap, on The McLaughlin Group, answering the burning question: when will America elect a female president. His answer is “2040 or 2050″ which is kind of a great answer because it doesn’t really mean anything, but mostly, he goes on to explain, he just hopes that he’s dead by the time it happens. HA! What? This guy! Like, it’s totally fine to say that you don’t think the three or four leading female national political figures (and here I am thinking of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann, but please let me know if there are some other broads who should be on that list) would make good presidents and therefore you don’t think it could or should happen until we replenish the field with a new crop of candidates. That’s pretty specious, but fine. But to simply say that the very idea of a WOMAN being PRESIDENT makes you want to DIE is just very intelligent. Very smart idea. Women can’t be funny and they can’t be president. The reason you see more dudes as president isn’t because of our long history of patriarchal domination and legislated inequality between the sexes, it’s just because dudes are better at it. Get it through your lace heads, girls. Pat Buchanan! It’s weird that HE isn’t in charge of everything. America’s king.

In next month’s issue of Duh Aficionado magazine: Joe McLaughlin on the secret of staying so youthful and why they call him “Keep It Tight” Joe. (Via GotchaMedia.)