Hey, Uh, So, Have You Guys Watched Bunheads?

Bunheads, the new show from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, premiered on ABC Family two or three weeks ago and, um, have any of you been watching it? I have! And I think it’s pretty ok, kind of! It’s hard to get past the fact that — well, first of all the show is called Bunheads, which is itself very hard to get past, but also it’s hard to get past the fact that Sutton Foster is playing Loreli Gilmore, and the town of Paradise is an awful lot like the town of Stars Hollow, and the grandmother is playing a very similar character to the grandmother. Basically it’s very similar to Gilmore Girls, except it has dancing. But that’s not necessarily that big of a problem! Who cares. That’s the Amy Sherman-Palladino style and I like that style. What gets hard to take about the Sutton Foster/Loreli Gilmore issue is how outside characters far too frequently react to Sutton Foster in the exact same way they would sometimes react to Loreli Gilmore — that is, by implying that she’s slutty, and more upsettingly, commenting on her “quips” and how fast she is speaking. When that element was introduced on Gilmore Girls it seemed like a self-deprecating response to criticism it had been receiving about how the Gilmore girls were too witty and used too many pop cultural references and spoke too quickly for normal people, etc. But during the first episode of Bunheads it seemed like every person Sutton Foster met seemed to mention something about her quips/quick speech patterns. What’s the deal with that? R U still mad, Amy Sherman-Palladino? Are you worried that people wouldn’t make the connection that those two characters have the same personality, so you though you really had to hammer it in? Enough! Also another thing that bothered me in the first episode was how upset Sutton Foster was that the town didn’t have a movie theater, and also how she was surprised that the grandmother had lots of bad CDs and then told her to get iTunes? “You really need to get iTunes.” As if CDs are so out-of-date, and as if iTunes already comes with MP3s in it? And who cares that much about movie theaters? You like going to the movies that much, Sutton Foster? Didn’t you read this? It just seemed kind of out-of-touch in a way that was not necessary. Like, one time I had a math teacher who suggested — to make studying for math more fun — to “put on iTunes while you study.” “Ok.” Also: CAN YOU BELIEVE SPOLIER ALERT IS SPOILER NOW? IMMEDIATELY? I liked spoiler! That was kind of disappointing! But, overall, I think I like this show. I like the dynamic between the ballet girls. I like the Sutton Foster and grandmother relationship. I like seeing shots of a beach. Sooo. What do you guys think? Am I the only one watching this? You guys wanna take ballet lessons with me? From Sutton Foster? Lemme know.