Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Some behind-the-scenes photos were released from the set of Angelina Jolie’s upcoming Maleficent, and they are all VERY silly looking! Check them out and get ready 2 laff or at least get ready 2 B disillusioned. -ONTD
  • Here is a supercut featuring one joke from every episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. At least this is a supercut that I can understand making, even though it also seems like a pain to have made. One joke per ep. EZ. Croooooooow. -Uproxx
  • There are going to be three more Avatars and they’re all going to be filmed back-to-back. Lucky lucky day! I can’t believe how much money they’re definitely going to make off of that franchise! -Movieline
  • Judd Apatow is the most recently man to participate in Rookie’s “Ask A Grown Man.” Do they ask the men to look as shitty as possible for their videos, do you think? What’s the deal there? What’s going on, Rookie? -Rookie
  • Some movie critics aren’t sure that moviegoers are going to want to see all the BARE MALE SKIN that Magic Mike has to offer. Are they wrong, movie goers? What do you think? Does anyone like looking at skin? -TheWeek
  • This rock-paper-scissors robot wins every time! BUT HOW? Is it because it is a robot and robots can be programmed to do anything? Huh? Is it? -HyperVocal
  • Oooo, here’s some more red hot Today show news for all you Today show lovers out there! -Dlisted
  • The LA Times recently profiled the mockbuster industry, and if that is something you’re into that’s great, and I’m glad you have something to get you through your day, but I don’t even really know what those words mean, and here, you read this about it. -FilmDrunk