A Pre-Emptive Open Thread About How Terrible The Newsroom Is

Lots of us are probably excited about the premiere of Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO drama about a news team that goes off the rails starring Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer and Bill Waterson Sam Waterston, but we’re all stupid and wrong. The show is going to be terrible! So says The Onion and the New Yorker and the New York Times (although the Hollywood Reporter seems to like it, or at the very least, they seem to understand why it’s a TV show? I’m really not sure WHAT the Hollywood Reporter has to say). I’ve never really understood reading or writing critiques of things that people haven’t seen yet because wouldn’t everyone rather make up their own opinion about the thing first, based on their actual experience with it, and then hear/read someone else’s opinion so that they can decide for themselves whether they agree or disagree based on actual thoughts and feelings rather than going into something with a deeply articulated pre-conceived notion of what to expect? (This is the fundamental philosophy of the Videogum Movie Club which publishes on the Monday after the movie’s release, so we can all talk about it like adults.) I guess with movies, which really have gotten very expensive these days, you could make the argument that you’re saving a struggling family of four $120. But is someone weighing whether or not to subscribe to HBO just for Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom? No, right? No. Don’t! I mean, I’m excited for the show and curious to see how it is, but if you were going to subscribe just for something this isn’t it. Subscribe for Game of Thrones, or Enlightened, or reruns of Sex and the City 2. But, so, like, what are these TV reviews for? Just to shit on a thing? As someone who has done his fair share of shitting on a thing, this should be right in my shittingonthingshouse, but I mostly find it kind of depressing and unnecessary. That being said, LET’S ALL PILE ON! Fuck The Newsroom now, I guess! Yeah! Post your pre-emptive completely uninformed critiques of this “terrible” new TV show in the comments. Ew, don’t you hate it? Me too!