Friday Giveaway: Seeking A Friend At The End Of The World Prize Pack

First, I’d like to announce the BIG winner of last week’s Moonrise Kingdom giveaway:

Abby Noel Russell!

And also the #2 winner of last week’s Moonrise Kingdom giveaway that doesn’t get the Fandango thing but does get everything else so everyone stop complaining:

Caitlin Meade!

This week one person has a chance to win a way-too-good Seeking a Friend at the End of the World prize pack. MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES! It comes out TODAY, June 22, and you can watch the trailer here, and it looks very cute, and also this is a great bunch of stuff you can win so just check it out:

  • $100 Visa Gift Card
  • Official Soundtrack (CD)
  • T-Shirt
  • Tote Bag
  • Lip Balm
  • Shot Glass
  • Glow Stick & Bracelet
  • Key Chain

All very good. What a great giveaway. Also: a second person will have a chance to win everything in the prize pack, except the Visa gift card. NOT A BAD DEAL! Find out how to win, and see a picture of the stuff, after the jump.

In order to win:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook.
  2. Login to Videogum with your Facebook account.
  3. Comment with the one attribute you’d look for most in an end-of-the-world friend.

I would look for someone who either owns or can build a Click remote, obviously. Comments must be submitted here by logging in with your Facebook account by Thursday, June 28th, 6PM EST. You can still play along if you just want to comment with your Videogum commenter account, but you can’t win! Only with your Facebook. I’m sorry. Also, you’ll be notified that you won through a Facebook message so WATCH OUT and PLEASE ONLY COMMENT ONCE! A winner will be chosen at random.