WILD FIRST LOOK At James Franco As Oz: The Great And Powerful!

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT JAMES FRANCO! Forget his review of Girls. Forget his 100 undergraduate degrees. Forget his short stories. Please do not look at the following image of James Franco as Oz in Sam Raimi’s upcoming Wizard of Oz prequel Oz: The Great And Powerful until your mind is clear of all former knowledge of James Franco and ready to process it; then you may proceed.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? Who even is that guy in that poster? Is that the LITERAL Wizard of Oz, before he became the Wizard of Oz? Like, a younger Oz? I honestly cannot wrap my mind around this image. I thought Oz was fictional but this guy seems to have it all — some kind of an old suit, a top hat, a balloon in the background. I don’t even. I mean, I don’t want to sound foolish but, like, what am I looking at here? Is this a real photo of Oz? Where’s Ashton? Am I being punked right now? What is this? I mean, if this is not Oz, I have to say it’s an incredibly forgery. A really, really striking image. This is just nuts, I can barely even think! (Via SlashFilm.)