Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • A bunch of new photos from season five of Breaking Bad were released, and they all look JUST like Breaking Bad. It’s almost incredible how much this upcoming season of Breaking Bad is going to be a season of Breaking Bad. -ONTD
  • The Week has gathered together a bunch of examples of TV shows that were developed from tiny, niche Internet things, and also cell phone games, and talks about how each of them has, without fail, performed very well on the TV screen and had lots and lots of viewers just kidding. -TheWeek
  • A rapper dad made a music video with his adorable son called “Milk in My Sippy Cup” and it is NOT TOO BAD AT ALL! Watch it, it’s cute, you might like it, watch it! -Hypervocal
  • Uhhhhhh. These behind-the-scenes photos from Angelina Joli’s Maleficent look uhhh super lame. Sometimes movie magic is just baffling. How do they make it look not lame in the movies? How do they do it? Mr. Hollywoods? -Dlisted
  • “Steven Seagal denies ever pooping his pants.” That’s the title for this one. You’re on your own! -FilmDrunk
  • There’s another Sesame Street movie in the works. Good news for those of you out there who love Sesame Street which I hope is none of you you’re all adults! -THR
  • Speaking of Muppets, though, there is going to be a new Muppets-style show, too! On the BBC! My goodness! And it’s going to be called No Strings Attached, which has already been the title of like 5 other things in the past two years! Great. -SlashFilm
  • This is a live-action recreation of Futurama’s opening credits. I know some of you will enjoy it! -Vulture