Once Again, We Are Getting It All Wrong

You see a video like this and you think, Look at that fool. What a silly fool! I am so glad that I am not a silly fool like this guy. BUZZER NOISE! Wrong. This guy is beating everybody! He’s having the time of his life and he don’t care who sees. You want to laugh at him? Good luck. I feel bad for you. If I had to choose between being the guy who is having the time of his life and being the guy who is trying to find some way to deconstruct or debase or defame the guy who is having the time of his life I will take the former every time. (This is mostly true. I mean, I guess if the person having the time of their life is a sociopathic murderer and the person trying to “defame” him is a police officer, I’ll side with the police officer, but now you’re just looking for reasons to argue. I also recuse myself from everything ever written on this blog for the sake of this discussion.) One time my friend Jason said that he got jealous whenever he saw someone in public laughing to themselves while listening to their iPod because he knew they were enjoying themselves so much that they couldn’t hep but laugh to themselves alone in public and all he was listening to on his iPod was stupid MUSIC. I think of this every time I laugh at something on my iPod on the train. One point, me. Take the wool off of your eyes, sheeple. LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING. SOCCER IS FOR THE DANCING!