Just A Reminder About How Terrible Pranks Are

It might seem like there’s almost no need to reiterate how terrible pranks are here, because we’ve spoken about it many times in the past and I feel like at least most of us are on the same page about it, but if you’re thinking it seems like that, I do have to tell you that — even though that seems perfectly reasonable — YOU ARE WRONG! Because people are still out there pulling pranks. Telling Taylor Swift she blew up a boat. Making Drake think Chris Brown sent him a bouquet, or whatever. Making their boyfriend think they’re really mad at him about something because they actually are a little mad at him about it but they know it’s not something they should really be mad about, and then they say “just kidding.” Or even, let’s say, being the “self proclaimed creator of the ’coning‘ craze” (ugh) (UGH), and dressing up like a “zombie” to scare the shit out of people who were just trying to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS AND LIVE THEIR LIFE IN PEACE.

They aren’t running away because they’re foolish and think a zombie came back to life or whatever, they’re running away because there is a MENTALLY ILL MAN CHASING AFTER THEM AND YELLING AT THEM! COOL PRANK. “Haha, you came home from work and I was screaming and had a gun pointed at you and you were so scared haha but actually it was a fake gun gotcha hon where are you going wait come back I GOTCHA!” Terrible. All bad. Scaring people for a legitimate reason and ruining their days and making them afraid to go to the park in the future because one time they went and a NIGHTMARE CRAWLED UP BEHIND THEM is the least fun way to pull a prank, and EVERY way to pull a prank is a not fun way to pull a prank. BOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Via ViralViral.)