How Pumped Is Everyone For The Munsters Remake?

Hey guys! Just trying to get a quick gut check on how pumped everyone is for the planned Munsters remake on NBC. Pretty pumped? Very pumped? They just announced that Portia DeRossi will be playing Lilly, joining the already outstanding cast of Jerry O’Connell and Eddie Izzard. UH HI, HOW PUMPED ARE YOU? Really trying to get a sense of America’s pumped-ness for the Munsters. Honestly, I haven’t been this excited since the Farrelly brothers announced they were remaking the Three Stooges with Benicio Del Toro, Jim Carrey, and Sean Penn. And if Brian Greene is right and the multi-verse is real, then the one cold comfort we can take in this endless wasteland of pain and suffering is that somewhere out there in the darkest expanse of the limitless universe, there is an alternate planet Earth where that version of the Three Stooges is still the #1 move in America 100,000,000 weeks running. But we’re not here to talk about the Three Stooges remake (because what is there to talk about, we all agree it’s the best) we’re here to talk about the Munsters remake and to get a sense of the general level of being very pumped for it and loving the great cast playing all our best friends. So? PUMPED? Y/Y? Leave your comments in the comments.