BREAKING: Battleship Director Admits Film Underperformed

Life-changing news could come at any moment and, indeed, it always does. It has no other choice but to come at any moment. Rarely are we prepared for it. Rarely can we immediately comprehend the effect it will have on our lives. Rarely can our lives resume without having changed — for better or worse. With that I’d like to announce that today, June 11th, 2012, we received the news that Peter Berg, director of Battleship, has announced that his opus, Battleship, didn’t do very well in theaters and maybe was not the best movie. From Huffington Post:

“I have a movie in theaters right now which has obviously underperformed in many ways,” Berg said at the Produced By conference on Sunday. “When [a movie] doesn’t work, it’s an … interesting opportunity to look at what went wrong and how it went wrong.”

“It was a movie that I tried as hard as I could to get inside of,” Berg said. “But the concept is so big and powerful, and the money is so big and so powerful, that the movie is going to run away with itself.”

It’s always sad to see someone being open and honest with themselves and everyone else about something that all of those people already knew, because no duh. R.I.P. the idea that Battleship was flawless. More on this story as it underdevelops, haaahhaahaha.