This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

OH SNAP! MOVIES! Hahaha. Do you know how hard it is to pretend like you have something new to say as an introduction each week to a roundup of movie trailers? We can talk about the new trailers themselves after the jump and we will, but this part? This ho-humming around pretending like this is somehow an equally interesting part of the conversation? It’s literally just to fill up the visual field of the pre-jump post and make it look like a blog. Hardest life in the world. No one’s life is harder. Everyone sympathizes with me. People are writing tweets to Barack Obama as we speak, asking him to fire my boss. Whatever. There are some good trailers this week! LOLOLOLOL.

Django Unchained

I feel like I’ve said this before, but I think that the only post that I’ve written in my tenure at Videogum that I would like to repudiate is my own review of Inglourious Basterds. (That’s not entirely true, I can think of at least one other post that I am not even going to mention because I genuinely regret it and you will never even guess which one it is!) It’s a much better and more interesting movie than I gave it credit for, and I need to be an adult and separate it from my hatred of Grind House and my genuine feeling that Tarantino himself, the person, is a bully. Anyway, this looks pretty good and I will see it, although it is funny that Tarantino is clearly picking pretty low-hanging fruit for his revisionist histories. “Imagine if Hitler got murdered by some Jews instead.” “Imagine if the slaves didn’t have to be slaves and got revenge on the slavers.” Sure. Kind of easy to get people on your side, but yes. Also, have you guys watched many actual spaghetti westerns? They’re great. Watch those first.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

The exuberant confidence and self-knowledge that teenagers have in these movies does NOT remind me of me or any of the adolescents that I knew. Like, we had a ton of fun back then and I still love my friends from high school very much, but we weren’t, like, fully formed human beings with deep wells of rock solid awareness. Who are these fucking mutants?

Wreck-It Ralph

This looks pretty good, although I’m not usually a fan of throwback references. Also, what modern child is going to get a Q-bert joke? I don’t even think anyone under the age of 40 gets a Q-bert joke these days. But I love John C. Reilly and I love animated romps! It looks kind of like Monsters Inc. but with more Razr scooters.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. Sorry. Very serious. Serious face. “This plane, it’s Unstoppable Too!” This movie finally answers the question: what if Sully Sulzberger wasn’t just an American hero but also an alcoholic?

The Babymakers

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