The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Betty White And Wax Sculpture Betty White

I will never not love photos of celebrities standing next to their own wax sculpture. There are very few things that are funnier to look at. People falling down is funnier, and that’s it. (Oh my God, can you imagine someone, like, say, Kevin Costner walking up to his wax sculpture to have his picture taken and just when he’s about to get there he trips on the red carpet and flies head long into wax Kevin Costner and they both go tumbling down a flight of stairs? Now THAT would be the end of everything. A laughter singularity to be sure.) Here’s a question, though: why is Betty White just getting her wax sculpture now? Madame Tussaud’s originally opened in 1835, when Betty White was only 42 years old. Surely there have been better moments to capture her essence for all of time in a lifelike figurine. “No, wait until she looks like she is made out of wax already anyways.” IN THIS ECONOMY! Glad to see they nailed the outfit, too. Nice outfit. These guys leave no detail unperfected. There was this story that came out around the time that the documentary about Robert Crumb, Crumb, came out that Robert Crumb went to a screening and he was so upset by the depiction of him and his life and his family–not because it was cruel or sensational, but because it was honest–that he walked down to the river by himself and threw his trademark hat into the river because he “didn’t want to be R. Crumb anymore.” I feel like that’s what it’s like when you meet your wax statue. Summer Bummer! Facebook says, Betty White’s Wax Sculpture To Host The Muppet Show!

Caption this photo. Either the lady or the fake lady. Your choice. Winner will receive special placement in the Monsters’ Ball, which is basically our wax museum.