How To Dance In The Club Plus Other Ways to Dance In The Club

It’s summer, basically, and you all know what that means: IT’S CLUB TIME! Time to go to clubs. Time to get on your best club gear, grab a few of your best buds, find the hottest spot, drive there (I’m sure), park your car, walk to the club, get in line, show the bouncer your ID whenever you get to the front of the line, get into the club, be given your complimentary helmet + knee pads, be ushered toward the center of the club, pick out your favorite string of lights, wrap your body in the string of lights, find an outlet, plug yourself in, pick up a newspaper from the newspaper kid, fill out the form, grab a snack from the table, and start dancing. CLUBS! We all know what they are and what you do inside of them. But the question is: Do we know HOW to do what you do inside of them (dance)? Probably not! I’m sure most of us look very foolish while we’re dancing in the club, covered in what is sure to be the least stylish lights option, but luckily a young gentleman has put together a video of some cool moves you can practice at home before venturing out into your city’s nightlife. Check it out, LMFAOs!

Yup! Those are a lot of the good ones, but he left out a few that I’ll try to explain for you here:

  • The Hat Dance: Pretend you have a hat on while you dance. Remember: don’t knock off your hat!
  • The Magazine: Dance how your favorite magazine would dance. (Tip: See if you can meet a friend who is dancing like a magazine you like.)
  • The Summer Fling: This one takes two! Have a friend (or more than a friend) throw you as far as they can across the dance floor. Once you land, take a bow, tip your imaginary hat, and begin The Hat Dance.
  • The One-Legger: Stand on one leg, bending and extending your other leg as many times as you can and also as fast as you can.
  • The Duplass: Do your best Mark Duplass face.
  • The More Sand: Remember to bring your own sand for this one, unless you’re going to a “Sand Club.”

I’m sure there are a bunch that even I don’t know! (Via TheDailyWhat.)