That’s Your Hotel Suite: David Lynch Hotel Suite

David Lynch is running crazy game on these hotels! According to Animal he partnered with Hotel Lutetia in Paris to create a signature suite, which already, just, like, you know, the world we live in is weird? And life is a many funny things. But then also the room sounds very normal and reasonably priced:

The “David Lynch Signature Suite” will run you $1200.00 a night and looks unsettlingly…normal. Far from the disturbing accoutrements one might expect, the room is sleek, modern, and sophisticated, with muted browns and yellows that look intended to lull guests to sleep rather than disquiet them to the point where rest is impossible. On the walls are a number of paintings and drawings by Lynch himself, and the interiors aren’t bland.

Right. No, absolutely. Let’s all pool all of our money and stay in this boring ass hotel room for one night. This room sounds so stupid. I love it. It’s my favorite room. Who cares? Who cares about anything? We’re all going to die one day. There’s a hotel room in Paris that David Lynch hung a photograph in and it costs a million dollars to sleep on its stupid bed. Gotcha. High five. Will a drummer please trash this room already?