A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: Dominic Monaghan Accuses Matthew Fox Of Beating Women On Twitter

Kelly: Hey, Gabe
Gabe: kelly
Kelly: what
Gabe: no, i said it like
Kelly: Oh like formal Kelly
Gabe: yeah
Gabe: like how a gentleman
Gabe: greets another gentleman
Kelly: Sure, I’m sorry I didn’t get that. I remember we had that confusion once before
Kelly: And here I am
Kelly: Still not getting it
Kelly: Gabe.
Gabe: kelly.
Gabe: Mr. Kelluy.
Gabe: Mssr. Kelly
Gabe: top of the morning to you
Kelly: Ayo up and at’em
Kelly: Mrs. Gabe
Kelly: So I know you love Lost
Kelly: You have all the DVD box sets as if you’re ever going to watch them again
Gabe: correct
Kelly: “What do the numbers mean?!”
Gabe: wait, what?
Gabe: what numbers?

Kelly: I don’t know, I’ve actually never seen Lost
Gabe: i’ll be honest, i kind of checked my email a lot while i watched the show
Gabe: there were numbers?
Kelly: Aren’t there numbers?
Kelly: 9 01013 3434
Gabe: i don’t think there were numbers
Gabe: i don’t think that was an important part of the show
Kelly: My bad
Gabe: if i remember correctly
Gabe: the one guy
Gabe: was trying to get back into his wheelchair
Gabe: and the dog wanted a snack
Gabe: that’s my basic summary of lost
Gabe: freckle eyes
Kelly: Right
Kelly: And I think there was a basement
Kelly: But yeah you seem to know a lot more about it than I do
Gabe: as usual
Gabe: you hardly ever know anything
Gabe: it’s ridiculous
Kelly: Well sorry I don’t know how you missed that when you hired me
Kelly: Not my fault I don’t know anything
Gabe: well, to be fair
Gabe: you put on your resume
Gabe: that one of your special skills
Gabe: was “knowing stuff”
Gabe: it was false representation
Gabe: and i should sue you in a court of law
Gabe: your honor, she stinks!
Kelly: I certainly didn’t say “knowing a lot of stuff,” there are a lot of ways that could’ve been interpreted
Kelly: DAMN
Kelly: I thought I had it
Kelly: Anyway so is one of the things you know about Lost that MATTHEW FOX BEATS WOMEN???????

Gabe: oh, that’s from season 3
Gabe: widely accepted
Gabe: as the worst season of Lost
Kelly: huh
Gabe: because of how matthew fox beat a woman in every episode
Kelly: It’s weird that they went that way with that season
Gabe: it was just one of the loose ends
Gabe: they never bothered to tie up
Gabe: it’s like, what was the three toed statue, and why did jack STOP beating women?
Gabe: also what are you talking about?
Kelly: Well Dominic Monaghan still seems upset about it
Kelly: Because when someone asked him on Twitter if he could ask Matthew Fox to join Twitter
Kelly: Which is a great question btw
Kelly: he responded “he beats women. No thanks.”
Gabe: so far everything you’re telling me is perfect
Kelly: Right
Kelly: And then the first person responded
Kelly: I mean, I’m really just retyping the whole Twitter conversation
Kelly: But it’s worth it
Gabe: hahahhaha
Gabe: good point
Gabe: she makes a really good point
Kelly: I know
Gabe: what ABOUT all those good times they had together?

Gabe: get the boy on Twitter!
Kelly: It’s not like she doesn’t know it was wrong
Kelly: Like, she knows it was wrong
Gabe: right, but what about all those good times they had together?
Kelly: ????? That’s the question
Kelly: So Dominic responded:
Kelly: “how do you know we ever did?you don’t know either of us.he beats women.not isolated incidents.often.not interested.”
Gabe: i like that it keeps coming back to why dominic monaghan won’t ask matthew fox to join twitter
Kelly: hahah right
Gabe: like, ultimately, the point he’s making
Gabe: is that he’s not interested in anything matthew fox has to say on Twitter
Gabe: and he wants no part in being the reason Matthew Fox starts using Twitter
Gabe: that’s the real issue here
Gabe: but if you want to know WHY he doesn’t want Matthew Fox to join Twitter
Gabe: it’s because he beats women, that’s why
Kelly: He knows he would have to follow him out of courtesy
Kelly: And does not want to have to read the musings of Matthew Fox
Kelly: Because he beats women
Gabe: i like how deeply dominic just gets INTO it with this random person
Kelly: He’s probably been waiting for someone to ask him this question for a long time
Kelly: “I have the perfect response.”
Gabe: you can almost see his heart breaking
Gabe: like, when he got the first tweet
Gabe: asking him to get matthew fox to join twitter
Gabe: he seemed to think like
Gabe: i’m not going to do that (because he beats women)
Gabe: but you seem cool and you deserve a response
Gabe: and then when she keeps going it’s like the wool is being lifted from his eyes
Gabe: and he feels like he doesn’t even know her anymore
Gabe: and he just has to shut her down

Kelly: :( Such a private event in their lives, I almost feel bad about talking about it
Gabe: i’m not sure why dominic is so mad at this girl
Kelly: Maybe he gets a bunch of Twitter requests for Matthew Fox to join Twitter every day
Kelly: And this was just the last straw
Gabe: it’s funny because
Gabe: when those pictures went around last week
Gabe: of matthew fox on the set of his new movie
Gabe: as an MMA-fighter serial killer
Gabe: my first thought was
Kelly: hahaha
Kelly: Sure
Kelly: He seems clever?
Gabe: and i feel like dominic can say that he’s not interested in matthew fox’s twitter and that he is not going to ask matthew fox to join twitter
Gabe: but he’s totally forgetting all the great times they had together
Gabe: and it’s like BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE?
Kelly: Honestly, like, for sure no one is questioning that what Matthew Fox did was wrong
Kelly: Whether he beat one or many women
Gabe: many.
Gabe: not interested.
Kelly: But there were a lot of good times!
Kelly: And it’s important to remember about all those good times, too.
Kelly: cc @realmatthewfox
Gabe: you’ve got to take the good with the bad in this world
Gabe: i think that’s the real takeaway here
Gabe: is that you have GOT to take the good with the bad in this world
Gabe: and always remember the good times you had together
Kelly: I think you’re right
Gabe: with the woman beater
Gabe: on the set of Snap Island
Kelly: You have to
Kelly: Or else no one would be on Twitter at all
Gabe: you don’t have to ask him to join twitter
Gabe: but you have to remember the good times you had together
Kelly: And then, if you could
Kelly: please ask him to join Twitter.
Gabe: and please RT.
Kelly: #FF
Gabe: FAV