Let’s Help This Sad Childish Hate-Monger Get The Word Out About Her Bigotry

Poor 16-year-old Madeleine McAulay has been banned from YouTube for violating their user guidelines after posting yet another thoughtful and interesting video about her belief that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry. It is just another instance of the LAMESTREAM media trying to shut down powerful, hate-filled, adolescent, conservative voices. Thankfully, the Western Center for Journalism, whose tagline reads “Informing and Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom” has rescued the video and reposted it to the Internet because the one thing this hot button issue of basic equality and human dignity needs it is yet another vlog by a 16-year-old. How does anyone expect us to get anywhere in the national debate if we’re shutting down the 16-year-old’s vlogs? First they came for Madeline McAulay’s vlog and Arianna Huffington said nothing. I’m pretty sure you know how the rest of that poem goes, but let me just remind you that it ends with all of us being gay married in HELL. Let’s get the word out there, guys. Help spread this vlog around. Church.

I know that arguing with a 16-year-old’s homophobic vlog is like shooting a 16-year-old’s homophobic vlog in a barrel, so let me just say that I’m confused about why there’s a photograph of deodorant on the wall behind her, but everything else about this video makes sense and is perfect. Just the deodorant! That’s the only thing! (Thanks for the tip, Facetaco.)