Girl Stuff: It’s Never Too Early To Make An Enemy

Hey, ladies. I hope you’re all doing well! Is everyone excited for Memorial Day? ME TOO! What are you going to wear? A sundress? A romper that you thought was a sundress when you saw it in the store? Short shorts and a USA t-shirt? An XL USA t-shirt that you’re going to put a belt around and wear as a dress, plus a huuuuuuuuge hat? Oh girl, you are going to look great. Are you going to make anything to bring to the BBQ you’re going to? Like a watermelon full of vodka? Gross! Bad idea, ladies. Do NOT bring a watermelon full of vodka to your Memorial Day BBQ. I know that sounds like it might be a fun summertime party treat that people would enjoy, maybe, but you don’t want to seem uncouth. If you want to bring something alcoholic, I’d say — I’m just spitballing — but maybe melt Bomb Pops into ice cube trays and then, like, make Bomb Pop frozen margaritas out of them? I don’t know. Like I said, just spitballing. Anyway, let’s get to THE POINT. You know how all girls have to be enemies with each other because what if one of us likes the other one’s boyfriend or whatever? Well, you might think that is just reserved for girls ages 12+, but you are wrong! Girls can be enemies/have air-slap fights at any age! For example:

And there you have it. Look cute, stare the other girl down, REFUSE to be pushed, and then have an air-slap fight. The joys of being a girl. (Via BlameItOn.)