Even Geniuses Are 15 At Some Point

Everyone is 15 at some point. That’s not entirely accurate, I guess. Like, dead babies aren’t 15, but is that really how you want to start the day? Nitpicking over dead babies? Come on. Let’s just stick with the basic premise: everyone is 15 at some point. Most of us when we are 15 spend the day writing other kids’ names on our desks in marker, kids that we don’t like, hoping the teacher will see this and think the kids did it themselves and make the kids stay after class and clean all the desks, and then we walk home alone thinking up funnier more clever things to have responded during the day’s conversations that we wish we had used but we hadn’t thought of them until just now, and then sitting at the kitchen counter putting drops of Frank’s hot sauce onto tortilla chips as a snack. You know, the stuff that every 15 year old does. But some people, I guess, when they are 15, invent an early cancer detection system that is both faster, cheaper, and more effective than the current early cancer detection systems and win $75,000 scholarship prizes for their efforts. Just as, like, a different example of what some 15 year olds do besides the thing about the desks and the come backs and the chips.

This kid, if I may remind you, is 15 years old. HEY, HOW’S THINGS? (Via TheDailyWhat.)