Little Boy Wears Blackface To School, Everyone’s Head Explodes

An 8-year-old in Colorado Springs dressed up as Martin Luther King Jr. for a school project, including painting his face, which I’m not even going to call blackface even though I know I called it blackface in the post title because that’s called JOURNALISM, but setting aside whether or not it was a wise decision, or whether or not his parents should have explained some things to him, he isn’t carrying on the long legacy of racial hatred in this country with his BOOK REPORT, but so he got kicked out of school and everyone’s head is falling off. There are people who support him, and people who think it was wrong. Supposedly the facepaint offended some students, which sounds like some bullshit. Other 8-year-olds got mad? No. Other 8 year olds were like “this glue tastes delicious.” 8-year-olds do not care about this stuff! If adults were offended, that almost makes sense, except that he’s just a child, and more importantly, he was ASSIGNED Martin Luther King Jr. I’m not really sure how you can even take a side. Oh, if you want him to stop wearing blackface to school, that seems REASONABLE to me. Maybe you could just explain why to him, though? Instead of claiming that facepaint is “against the school’s dress code,” because IS THE SCHOOL’S DRESS CODE THE PROBLEM? On the other hand, I’m not really sure how you can be “for” the kid either. You can understand where he was coming from, and see that there was no harm in it, but you can’t totally be like “FUCK YEAH, THIS KID!” There is, after all, a certain cultural background to this kind of behavior that is historically unpleasant even if he did not mean it in that way. I for real do not understand why no one seems to actually be talking to the kid about what this is even about. Poor kids. It sucks to be kids!

Thank God the local news team got to him before he washed his face, though. Otherwise this interview wouldn’t have won ALL THE PULITZERS:

He likes black people. He doesn’t want to hurt them. He was just trying his best. Don’t be afraid. Have a strong voice. Blackface. (Thanks for the tip, Jessica.)