John Travolta’s Mother’s Day Powerpoint

There has been a lot of talk in the news (the “news”) lately about John Travolta, and certain private activities that are certainly none of our business, because we don’t know anyone’s life and who are we to judge — though I guess the part we ARE to judge is if a person is, over and over again, allegedly molesting people, OOPS, but also certainly, if we can step outside the part of ourselves that doesn’t really want to speculate, these things are arising with such a frequency that you really kind of have to think: well, the jig is up. (You can often tell how good a sentence is just by counting the commas.) (Strunk and White both said that.) “We can probably safely assume that there are aspects of John Travolta’s personal life that he struggles with and wished to keep secret, as well as certain aspects to John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s marriage that are a bit unorthodox. I think that’s fair to say at this point,” you’re probably thinking. Well, sorry MR. OR MS. GOSSIP, but HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE TOTALLY NORMAL MOTHER’S DAY POWERPOINT THAT JOHN TRAVOLTA MADE FOR KELLY PRESTON?

See? SEE? And Kelly Preston was just so moved by this definitely-never-meant-to-be-made-public and definitely-for-sure-made-on-John-Travolta’s-laptop-by-John-Travolta-himself short iMovie that she had to post it on her Vimeo for the world to see. It’s called Normal Love. LOOK IT UP.

Johnny and Kelly’s true, controversy free love 4ever. (Via Dlisted.)