Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Finales!

GUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s unfortunate that Gus, perfect Gus from Breaking Bad, was in such a DUMB episode of Community. I watched that episode — the videogame episode — while a stranger was in the room, don’t worry about it, and this stranger had never seen Community before and kept saying things like, “So you never see their faces? They’re always just cartoons? That’s so weird!” Which is certainly not saying anything good about this person, because the episode was definitely EXPLAINED to them, but let’s lay off that person for a second and realize how yes, that would have certainly been confusing if that were the first episode of Community you’d ever seen. “But why would a show ever make an episode like that?” you might find yourself thinking. “Why waste everyone’s time with nonstop unenjoyable nonsense?” “What…is the point? Especially when they have Gus in this one?” NO THANKS. But the second two Community episodes were good! Very enjoyable. Very much made it seem like you were watching something that someone made with the viewer in mind. When Troy said that thing about the guy going to jail because he was a murderer? Perfect. It’s nice when the gang has to be normal in the face of weirdos. Good jobs all around. I’ll see you guys next season, ON FRIDAYS. 30 Rock’s finale was also good, I thought! So much of this season has been limited to non-sequitur nonsense, it was nice to finally see a bunch of plots actually getting somewhere, even if they DID all have to be stuffed into one final episode. I’m excited for the final season! I hope Liz has a baby! Do you hope Liz has a baby? What do you hope? What did you think? Did you hate the videogame episode too, even though Gus was perfect in it?