Upfronts Week Continues, Still!

Today is probably the least exciting day in upfronts week (which still means, like, one of the MOST exciting days in the whole year overall, obviously, it’s just that the other days have raised the bar so high that we couldn’t possibly expect it to continue at that pace) (like the least exciting birthday present is STILL a birthday present) because today we talk about the CBS upfronts. “BOOOOOO!” “YAAAAAAAAY!” Just two of the myriad opinions you could have about the CBS upfronts. Also there’s news from TBS! Haha. Hollywood — so uniformly bright and dazzling that I’ve nearly been blinded. So call in your grandmas (because old people watch CBS) and let’s get this upfronts party going already.


Elementary is another Sherlock Holmes adaptation, with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller starring as Watson and Sherlock. Perfect. If only all television could be blocks of Sherlock Homes adaptations and re-imaginings, life would be perfect, and we’d all finally have a reason to buy TVs. I MEAN, this look fine. I’m sure whoever watches CBS will enjoy it enough, or at least leave it on to keep their pets company when they go to the grocery store.

Partners is from the creators of Will and Grace, and seems very similar to Will and Grace — about two lifelong dude architect friends, one straight and one gay, trying to make it through their lives in their beautiful NYC apartment. The most notable thing about Partners to me right now is that one of the guys is Bernard, the elf from The Santa Clause! Remember that guy? He was also in 10 Things I Hate About You! This show looks like it will probably be successful, but then again, who knows. UPFRONTS!

Vegas is a mob show, written by Goodfellas co-writer Nicholas Pileggi, taking place in the ’60s, starring Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, and Jason O’Mara. Does that sound good to you? I’ll tell you what, it doesn’t sound good to me. But does it sound good to YOU?

Made in Jersey is such an upsetting name that I barely even want to talk about what this show is about, but ugh, it’s about a girl who was born in New Jersey making her way as a lawyer in THE BIG CITY, if you can believe it. Who would’ve ever thought, someone from NEW JERSEY would ever come to New York. What a thrill for everyone! I hope it never gets canceled.

There’s also another drama called Golden Boy that’s told in flashback about an old cop or something, you can read more about it here, but neither a trailer nor a clip have been released. And there’s ALSO another comedy called Friend Me, starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse, that’s about working at Groupon? WARNING: THAT IS NOT A JOKE. Again, neither a trailer nor clip have been released, so read this guy talking about how much he hates the idea.

TBS, Etc.

TBS and TNT have also announced a bunch of new shows, which you can read about here. Most notably from TBS: They’ve announced Norm MacDonald Is Trending, which seems like a The Soup or Tosh.0 type of show, except the focus is on social media. I can’t even imagine what that could ever be like, but. Norm MacDonald!

Most notably from TNT: TNT still exists and is putting out new shows.

Soooooo, what does everyone think? Is CBS going to be your favorite network now? Move over MTV?