It’s Upfronts Time Again!

Ooooooh, IT’S UPFRONTS SEASON! You guys! That wonderful time of the year when major networks and some select cable channels let us all in on what they have in store for us, their viewers, next season. Oooh lala. It’s like we’re all a bunch of Mr. Hollywoods. Really, we should’ve talked about the new NBC comedies yesterday when they were announced, but it’s possible that some of us kind of, by accident, dropped the ball on upfronts news yesterday. Not that they aren’t professionals, it’s just that maybe they had other things to pay attention to here yesterday and the VERY important thing that is “upfronts” kind of slipped by silently and unnoticed, the way most of these new shows will eventually slip off of TV and into the land of Canceled Shows We Don’t Even Remember. But in any case, now we have both new NBC comedies and new FOX shows to talk about! Upfronts Christmas! There are so many shows! My goodness! WHERE DO THEY EVEN GET THE IDEAS FOR ALL OF THESE SHOWS?


The Mindy Project is Mindy Kaling’s vehicle in which she plays Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a Zooey Deschanel’s The New Girl type, except smarter and more like a real human, who’s looking for love. With Bill Hader and Ed Helms (at least in this trailer) and the handsome boyfriend from the final season of Six Feet Under! It looks very promising! A+. Can’t wait.

The Mob Doctor is a show about how the girl from My Boys is a surgeon who also works for the mob, to whom she “owes a debt.” Looks like a cheesy “I’m a real bad ass” doctor drama that could go either way with most people! And by that description it seems like it should make up for how House ended this season, but I’m not sure that it will! Mob Doctor!

Ben & Kate is brother-and-sister-who-raised-each-other-are-all-grown-up-now sitcom where the brother is a screw-up and the sister has it mostly together, except for in the lover department, and she also has a young child who is adorable and speaks too calmly and intelligently for her age, and the screw-up brother talks to the child as if she is a grown up, and the brother moves back to town to help raise the child and in all of those ways sounds exactly like a sitcom version of You Can Count On Me. It doesn’t really end up feeling like that, because it is a sitcom, but that is basically exactly what it is! Sitcom YCCOM, except if SPOILER Mark Ruffalo stayed at the end of that movie. Also: It’s from New Girl writer and executive producer Dana Fox. Looks good!

The Goodwin Games is produced by the team who brought you How I Met Your Mother, and is about siblings, one of whom will inherit $20 million after their father’s death if they win a game of Trivial Pursuit about their own lives. WHAT A PREMISE! It looks like what that sounds like, which is fine, and like it was from the team who brought you How I Met Your Mother.

The Following has Kevin Bacon playing a retired FBI profiler getting the band together one more time (the band = Kevin Bacon) after a serial killer (James Purefoy) breaks out of prison to lead a cult of followers who come together to carry out his serial killer wishes. That sounds like something!


Go On stars Matthew Perry as a recently widowed sportscaster who joins a support group with the hope of soon getting back to work. Glad to see Matthew Perry back on NBC, where he BELONGS!

The New Normal is Ryan Murphy’s (Glee, American Horror Story) new project about a wealthy gay couple (Justin Bartha, Book of Mormon’s Andrew Rannells) and the midwestern surrogate mother (Georgia King) who will be carrying their child. Though it does come from Ryan Murphy, which is not necessarily a sign that it’s something WE would enjoy, it looks like it might be pretty good!

Animal Practice stars Andy from Weeds (Justin Kirk) as a veterinarian. I’ve seen other websites say that it “seems to pose the question ‘What if House were a veterinarian?'” Sooo uhhhhhhh. THAT. It also seems to pose the theory “animals + Andy from Weeds,” though, and those are both things that any normal person should enjoy. So we’ll see!

Guys with Kids is executive produced by Jimmy Fallon, so that sounds kind of promising, and it’s about exactly what the title tells you it’s about. I’m not loving the clip, but WE’LL SEE! That’s the thing about upfronts. You have to wait and see if things turn out as badly as they seem!

Save Me is about Beth (Anne Heche), who has a spiritual transformation (and a “direct line with God”) after a near-death experience. Sure.

Next Caller is the Dane Cook show about how he’s super awful.

1600 Penn is the second Book of Mormon-star-fronted comedy coming to NBC, about a dysfunctional family living in the White House. Starring Josh Gad (Book of Mormon) (like I already said), Jenna Elfman, and Bill Pullman. Looks pretty good!

PHEW. WE’RE FINISHED! WITH THESE TWO NETWORKS! What do you guys think? Which show is your favorite? Which show do you HATE? Which one do you think will be the so-so-ist? Which one will be canceled first?