The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I’m not sure how into This American Life you guys are (like if you’re only pretty into it or if you’re very into it), but this week’s episode is called “In Dog We Trust” and it’s actually from, like, a million years ago in the year 2000 which is ridiculous, think about how much life we all had left to live in the year 2000, but it’s about people’s relationships with their pets so I thought I’d just get the word out to all you ANIMAL LOVERS out there. You can listen to it after you watch all these animal videos! And totally give up on doing anything productive this afternoon! And plus it’s STILL rainy outside, and who can even think about doing anything productive when it’s raining outside? So, please, enjoy all of these videos of cats and various other animals and then listen to the animal episode of This American Life and wonder what you were doing when it was originally aired in the year 2000. (Trying to figure out if you liked Eve 6’s Horrorscope as much as you liked their self-titled first album, probably?)

10. Cat Wants The Cabinet Open

9. Elephant Loves Mud

8. The Cat And The Milk

7. Otter Trying To Have Lunch

6. Kittens Playing Tetherball

5. Harry the Baby Pygmy Hippo

4. French Bulldogs Do The Twist

3. Cross-eyed Surprised Cat


2. Dachshund And Pug Fighting In Bee And Dinosaur Costumes While Whitney Huston Plays In The Background

1. Baby Orangutan At The LA Zoo Makes Its First Climb

Yay Baby Orangutan! You’re really learning how to live and it is ADORABLE! It’s maybe a little unfair that baby orangutan videos will probably always be in the top five here, but maybe all the other animals should just GET BETTER? Maybe that! The second video with the puppies fighting in costumes is great just because it really went above and beyond. Lots of elements there. Really has its own voice. The surprised cat is mostly great just because it is three seconds long and that is a GREAT length for a video that should really just be a photograph. Love you, weird cat! French bulldogs do the twist is the feel-good video of the summer and baby pygmy hippo just kills it. Really, really great job to that hippo. So congratulations to everyone and, as always, congratulations to US.