Mad Men: So This Is Just The Megan Show, Now?

Yes, last night’s episode featured a pretty decent Pete plotline (although it ended on a kind of cheesy note. That was a cold-hearted revenge fuck if ever I have seen one, so what is all this weepy window painting?) and there was also a Mr. Belding cameo that shut down the Twitter servers for almost 10 whole minutes. But really last night’s episode, like this whole season, was about Megan, and I’m starting to grow weary. I’m willing to care about her, sure, but do I have to care about her THIS MUCH? There’s only been ONE episode with Betty in it. Roger Sterling maxes out at a single quip per episode. And yet, week in and week out, we are treated to an endless examination of What’s Up With Megan. Which could make sense as some kind of side entrance to Don’s psychology, but that’s often only given a glancing shot. He will give a meaningful glance here, or snap at Peggy in the test kitchen there, but for the most part it really is about her and how she’s doing. It’s hard to invest so much in her when I’m not even sure if I like her or not yet. Take last night for example: are we supposed to think she is actually “brave” for deciding to leave her job and try acting again? Are we supposed to think she’s “just another Betty” as Joan implied? (If they show her booking acting jobs within the next two weeks to prove that this is some kind of self-actualized counter-point to Betty’s fading modeling career and suburban malaise I’m going to puke because it’s just too clearly drawn.) All in all, Mad Men has really become The Megan Show and I don’t know if that’s a show that I would watch if I hadn’t been sucked in already. Considering how many complicated, interesting, three-dimensional characters this show has built into self-propelling narratives, why are we spending SO much time on just this one? Don’s a shell at this point. What has he even done this season besides hate bang his new wife on the living room floor a couple of times? This isn’t a slide projector it’s a time machine, and it’s taking me to a future I’m kind of bored by.