Friday Night Lights Movie Kind Of Confirmed! Again!

Back in February, we got word that Peter Berg said the script for the possible Friday Night Lights movie was almost finished. “Oh great,” we thought. “That almost means something! Something that we like!” And today, the Internet is ABLAZE with word from Connie Britton, who is kind of saying the same thing? Listen to what she is saying, from Details:

CONNIE BRITTON: So, I had a meeting at Jason Katims’ office. And we were talking about something else and I said, “Forget about all that. Is this movie going to happen?” I was sitting on his couch, and he’s like, “Look behind you.” And I look behind me and it’s a wall with a big, huge corkboard on it with all these 3×5 cards. That’s what these writers do, they do the whole story on 3×5 cards. He’s like, “That’s the movie.”

PETER BERG: We’re doing the movie.

CONNIE BRITTON: I was so excited. Then he’s, like, “Don’t look at it! I don’t want you to see it until it’s a script.” I’m like, “I’d better have a good part in it!”

They go on to discuss how they haven’t confirmed Kyle Chandler for the movie yet, and it all kind of just seems like they haven’t actually confirmed that the movie is going to happen yet? And, wait, have you not even STARTED on the script, Jason Katims? WHAT’S GOING ON? Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t get a good grip on what’s actually going on with the Friday Night Lights movie, but the news still always seems pretty exciting!