Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • There’s going to be a Between Two Ferns special on TV before the Comedy Awards! -PopCultureBrain
  • This is a video of a 40 pound cat, which doesn’t sound like too heavy to me, but my goodness, wait until you see how fat this cat is! It’s sad! And she needs a home! Do you have an EXTRA LARGE home, by any chance? -TheDailyWhat
  • Oh perfect, some Jennifer Aniston/Brad/Angelina news! Just weeks after Brad and Angelina announced their engagement, Jennifer Aniston has announced her own wedding plans. THE NERVE! OF EVERYONE! Will Brad finally realize what a mistake he’s made? Will Friends finally have a reunion? Only God knows! -Dlisted
  • Will Smith’s perfect children are continuing to be successful. I hope they don’t go crazy soon! -FilmDrunk
  • Want to watch Matthew Weiner, Don Draper, Pete Campbell, and Harry Crane bowl against the people from The Nerdist? That was a trick question because I KNOW the answer, which is exactly what it means for something to be a trick question. -TheNerdist
  • Here is a supercut of characters looking at the camera in movies. Oh, great! -BlameItOn
  • And here is a supercut of Spike Lee dolly shots! -RichardCruz
  • Remember when Bill Burr said all of those negative things about “hipster” comedy and at first it was like, ugh, shut up Bill Burr, but then it was like (I can see his point) (only in parentheses, where opinions are safe)? Here is an article about that, kind of. Read it! -NYTimes
  • And, finally, here is an interview with Ken Marino and David Wain, during which they talk about everything. -Ain’tItCool