Other Terrible Elements Of Holiday Parties That Howie Mandel Should Host A Game Show About

Is there anything worse than when someone invites you to their home for what you think is going to be a nice holiday party with friends and/or family, and treats, and drinks, and talking, and then you realize what they’re inviting you to is actually a White Elephant party? Where no one is going to have any fun for, like, HOURS? And you feel obligated to go anyway? The answer is yes, obviously there are worse things, but — are there?! Howie Mandel is going to have a game show about that. That terrible game that no one likes. From EW:

In Howie Mandel’s White Elephant, six contestants will select one package from an assortment of wrapped gifts containing millions of dollars in prizes. Using strategy, luck, and good guessing, contestants will decide whether or not to steal prizes that have been previously revealed, or gamble that the item in their unopened box is worth more. The contestant with the least valuable prize at the end of every round is eliminated.

I mean, certainly this is a fine idea for a game show. It sounds like a game show and people will watch it and maybe they will even try to be on the game show if they are in the LA area on vacation, and everyone will have a good time. Everyone excluding us, obviously, because first of all we don’t like game shows in general and second of all especially not ones hosted by Howie Mandel that are WHITE ELEPHANT based! Right? That’s what WE think? All of us the same? Great. Because that’s the case, obviously we should play our OWN game about other terrible elements of holiday parties that Howie Mandel should host a game show about, if he loves terrible elements of parties so much!

  • A game where someone gives you a gift, and you don’t have a gift for them. And the gift they give you is pretty thoughtful and you can tell they figured you’d be getting them a gift, too, not because they NEED a gift but because that’s the kind of friendship they thought you guys had. And it is! You should’ve gotten them a gift!
  • A game where you took the last few of some sort of food item and then other people couldn’t have any, but then you can’t finish what you took and people notice.
  • A game where you drink too much.
  • A game where the party is so boring and you really want to leave, and then right before you make your exit the host says, “I’m just so glad you’re here,” and you can tell that they really mean it.
  • A game where your significant other’s ex is at the party and it’s like, ugh, why are they here? They don’t even live near here.
  • A game where you don’t have anyone to talk to.
  • A game where you’re hosting a party and invited a vegetarian who recently turned vegan and they’re like, “Are these cookies vegan?” And you have to be like, “Oh no, I’m sorry, I didn’t make any vegan cookies.” And they say, “Oh…that’s fine.” And you have to seem sorry, but in you’re head you’re thinking, “You probably shouldn’t expect people to make vegan cookies at their holiday parties for JUST you, YOU JERK.”

Right? Howie Mandel should host some of THOSE shows!