Was Anyone Excited To Start Watching The Killing Again Last Night?

So, the second season of The Killing aired on AMC last night with a special two-hour episode and you could open up your window anywhere in America and hear the screams of joy and excitement, I’m sure. How excited was everyone? The most excited they’ve ever been in their entire lives? Obviously, this was a tricky season premiere because most people were less than PUMPED about the season one finale in which we continued to not know who killed Rosie Larsen, and all of the double-reverse-switcheroos we’d been dealing with all season were triple-reversed on themselves and any trust anyone watching might have had in any of the characters was swept away and we were, 100 gray, rain-soaked hours into things, back at square one. Neat! But, so, I tried to watch last night’s episode and boy oh boy is this show EXHAUSTING. Like, at one point last night, this title card came up on the screen and said “Day Fourteen” and I almost laughed out loud. I didn’t laugh out loud because I was too busy barfing silently, but seriously? DAY FOURTEEN? Some of us have lives to live. It’s been an entire year and now we are reminded that it’s only been two weeks, and also I’m not sure who on Earth could possibly give a BIG OLD F about Rosie Larsen at this point. YO, TRAYVON MARTIN WAS SHOT FOR HAVING SKITTLES. Rosie seems to have been into some deep shit, and I’m not saying that makes it her fault but I am saying that I’m so bored by this endless show. Uh oh, the one cop doesn’t trust the other cop anymore even though she used to not trust him but then she trusted him again but now she doesn’t trust him! (And why does the cop she doesn’t trust still say things like “You know you’re my BFF!” The writers have had an entire year to study how ADULT HUMAN BEINGS IN AMERICA SPEAK TO ONE ANOTHER.) And now there’s a whole new potential conspiracy cop/criminal we’re supposed to worry about who is at home all night Photoshopping black and white dot matrix traffic cameras? Enough. Take your poor, neglected son and go to San Diego and get married, or whatever the hell you were even supposed to but never able to do. Or don’t! Stay in Seattle and try to solve the big case! But do it on your own time. I’m out of here. I’m literally too old for this shit. But maybe that’s just me. Was anyone excited for The Killing? Anyone in the whole world?