Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Uhhh, I think you should check on your boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. It looks like something is wrong. Let him know I say hi! -Ain’tItCool
  • Here is an interview with Eugene Mirman. Speaking of, have you guys been watching this season of Bob’s Burgers? You should be watching this season of Bob’s Burgers! And if you haven’t, you should have a marathon with all of the episodes you’ve missed! Oh, that will be fun.-AVClub
  • Speaking of marathons you should have, NYC PREP IS ON NETFLIX INSTANT!!! Please do yourself a favor and watch the entire thing right now. -Netflix
  • You know the web series “7 Minutes In Heaven”? Well here’s a new episode of that web series featuring Jon Hamm! Oh, you love Jon Hamm! Take a break, put your headphones on, and watch it. You deserve it. -PopCultureBrain
  • Did you guys hear that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are possibly DATING? Crazy, right? He’s so tall, she’s so small! She’s not even a puppet! How do they make it work! -US
  • Oh here’s some other gossip. Did you hear that Megan Fox might be PREGNANT? Our whole world is changing, and we are powerless to stop it. If you take anything away from this list of links today, I hope it’s that. -Radar
  • Sex advice (AND MORE!) from Bob Odenkirk. -Nerve
  • Uhoh, Jonah Hill’s upcoming movie Neighborhood Watch has to pull a few promos in light of the Trayvon Martin case. Is it because Jonah Hill was wearing a hoodie in the promos and they’re afraid theater-goers were going to shoot the movie screen? Click to find out! -FilmDrunk