The Raid: Redemption: A Movie Review

There’s not actually a lot to be said about The Raid: Redemption. It was good! If I try to formulate why it was good into actual sentences, I sound like a child writing in crayon. “This movie was good and I enjoyed watching it. It had lots of action in it. My favorite part was when the one sweaty guy was in a headlock from behind and he kicked his legs out and flipped underneath the guy to throw him to the ground, but I also liked the part when the hero double-stabbed a dude and then kneed him through a wall, and then time when he killed him with a doorframe.” See what I mean? Stupid idiot likes it. But it’s fun and exciting. The movie is basically about a SWAT team that tries to take down a crime boss but ends up getting trapped in a scary high rise full of bad guys and methodically executed until the only people left are this one dude who is very very good at fighting, like, so good, a bad guy with a complicated relationship to the hero NO SPOILERS, and a corrupt old man. There’s lots of punching and kicking and stabbing and shooting. I don’t like the stabbing so much because in real life I am for real very scared of knives, and I didn’t like the shooting so much because that’s just violent and loud, but the punching and kicking were A++ and if they were a seller on eBay I would definitely do business with them again. Ultimately, I do think that Tony Jaa is a more exciting fighter to watch in movies, but The Raid: Redemption is good and you should see it if you like that kind of thing. This has been a good movie review.