This Week In GIFs!

I thought I would chose the saddest GIF of the bunch because Fridays are for reflecting on changes in the nature of our relationships. Also: DANCING! Are these weeks flying by or what? It seems like just yesterday I was complaining about having to look at Bear Grylls GIFs, and now here I am, doing another thing about GIFs. I guess that’s what it’s like being an adult. High school weeks that used to stretch for months are in the past, and weeks spend gathering GIFs of Jon Hamm and Penn Badgley that seem to last for mere moments are the present. The circle of life. The circle of GIFs. Let’s look at them.

Michael Bay unveiled his new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backstory!

Adrian Grenier said Barack Obama would have a cameo in the new Entourage movie!

Jon Hamm doesn’t think he’s handsome!

Someone still needs to check on Hugh Grant’s child!

We watched another episode of Downton Abbey!

Penn Badgley Compared The Hunger Games To Occupy Wall Street!

And, finally, Thursday night TV happened!