Children: The Ultimate Marks

People will tell you that having children changes your life, and opens your heart up in ways you never imagined. They’ll talk about the depth of love they didn’t know possible that has blossomed inside of them, or the relief that comes with putting someone else at the center of your concern rather than your own ego/career. Less common will be the more brute and obvious statements about the biological imperative, or the inescapable drive or desire to participate in the circle of life. Blah blah blah. Everyone knows the real reason to have children is so that you can prank them whenever you want and they can’t do shit about it. Haha. DUMB KIDS! For example, if you take your child to an amusement park and he or she falls asleep in their stroller, park the stroller directly in the path of the water flume from one of those log rides. They’ll get a hilarious wake up call that will almost make up for the lifetime of sleepless nights and crushing burden of being responsible for another human life. LOL.

The miracle of PRANKS.