The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Some weeks, the Internet abounds with all kinds of animal videos. Monkeys, turtles, different kinds of birds, other animals. Any kind of animal you could think of, I’m sure, if you were pressed to think of different kinds of animals. Elephants, baby elephants. Some weeks it seems like life is really a beautiful cornucopia of animals on film, and we just have to wait and reload our Google Readers to explore it. But then some other weeks — this week, for example — the world seems to be only populated by cats and dogs and their owners. I’m certainly not saying these weeks are objectively worse than the previously mentioned weeks, NEVER!, I’m just saying that they’re different. A little narrower in scope, let’s say, but certainly not less enjoyable. So “be prepared,” -Scar, for a bunch of cat and dog videos (and three non cat and dog videos), and “be prepared,” -Scar, to ENJOY THEM ALL! Very enjoyable. Very cute. Let’s watch them.

10. Dogs Playing Piano

9. Aww, Dumb Little Dog Paddles When Held Over Bathtub

8. Ferret Trying To Get Out Of The Tub

7. Angsty Dog Goes To His Room After Getting In Trouble

6. Dog Slides Down Playground Slide

5. Cat Hugs Toy Bunny

4. Guinea Pig Record Jump

3. Licking Bunny

2. Dumb Little Puppy Runs Into The Mirror

1. Dog Really Trying To Get A Tennis Ball Out Of A Pool Without Going In The Pool

Congratulations, dog trying to get a tennis ball out of a pool without going in it! Your struggle has become our joy, and I can’t thank you enough for it. Truly an inspiration. Dumb puppy runs into mirror — you’re probably very surprised at your number two slot. Even I’m surprised looking at you in the number two slot. “Did I just forget to move that?” I’m thinking. But no, I have to assume at one point I loved you so much that #2 just seemed right, and there you will stay. Bunny licking the other bunny — perfect. You knew what everyone wanted and you just gave it to them, right in time for spring. Congrats. Guinea Pig, I have to admit that I wasn’t VERY impressed with your jump, but there was a ruler beneath you, and it seemed like there were a lot of people in that room with you, so I’ll jut have to believe that it was impressive. Good show! And closing out our top five, the cat hugging the bunny. Of course. Great job, cat. I’m sure you love that bunny for real and that isn’t just a probably sad sort of reflex. And, as always, congratulations to the rest of the winners. HOORAY WINNERS!