Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Community is back! Hooray! All of our old friends! Parks and Recreation is gone! Oh no! All of our old only good show! One thing that I’m already annoyed about with Community is their idea that the thought exists somewhere that in order to get people to watch their show, the gang has to act “normal.” Whatever that means. We saw a good amount of that in the first part of this season and I feel like, of course having had the hiatus, it’s now going to be back in a much more obvious way. And, ugh, that thing is so whiny and annoying. Don’t get me wrong, because I do really like Community, but Community loves Community self-righteously and unapologetically and more than any of us ever could, and that shit is hard to deal with when you’re just trying to WATCH A SHOW. But in any case, this episode was entertaining! I liked it. Britta and Jeff did some terrible drunk person acting, but aside from that, and from the thing I was just complaining about, it was fun and I was happy to see it back. C’est la Community. 30 Rock has been struggling all season, and it continued to struggle in the same ways with its St. Patrick’s Day episode. It just feels kind of empty? Like, there are lots of jokes in there, but they all feel like they’re coming from a dead-eyed 30 Rock robot. What I DID like, though, was the Settlers of Catan reference because well for just no reason I don’t know why I would have liked that or even KNOWN that it was a Settlers of Catan reference because I don’t know I must have seen that on like a store shelf or like maybe I heard someone talking about it or I don’t know GET OFF MY BACK. What I did not like was that when Siri was used the noise that it was using was the gchat noise? I don’t have Siri on my phone — does it really use the gchat noise? I highly doubt that it does. This is a huge problem, someone get Tina Fey to my apartment. The Office was enjoyable, actually. They’re definitely doing a good enough job dressing up that corpse and propping it up Weekend At Bernie’s style. WHAT DID YOU THINK?