Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Hey, so how about that Chloe Moretz on 30 Rock, right?! Sometimes good, sometimes bad! But a nice addition to the episode overall, I would say. And I was very impressed with myself when I remembered her name while watching it. Otherwise I feel like the episode was just another of the same kind we’ve been seeing lately — half-heartedly written in “the 30 Rock style,” seemingly without giving much thought to the actual plot of the episode. Oh well. Jack is always great! And Jack and Chloe Moretz were funny together. C’est la vie. Right? C’est la vie. Parks and Recreation — the last Parks and Recreation for a while — was good, obviously. Sean Hayes was great, but my favorite plot line was the Andy/Women’s Studies plot line, because Andy is the best. It’s impressive that they’ve been able to sustain the “Leslie running for office” plot throughout the entire season without it getting tired. It’s still fun to watch! The reveal at the end — that the tape had been “lost” at the airport — seemed kind of rushed, but that would probably be my only criticism. Do you think Leslie’s going to win? The most important question of our time?! WHAT DO YOU THINK?!? I think “yes.” Yes she is going to win. That’s my guess, as an expert. Unfortunately I was unable to watch The Office, which actually has been pretty fine lately. Was this episode fine? Let me know if it was fine or if it wasn’t fine!