BREAKING: Tim Riggins Knows A Better Way To Tie Your Shoes

Hey everybody, you know how you tie your shoes? Like a genius? And you’re thinking, “Yeah, I just revised the way I tie my shoes because I saw that video about how to do it like a genius, so I’m pretty sure I’m doing it the right way now, no need for whatever you’re going to tell me, you can stop right now because I’ve def got this, my shoe tying game has never been more on point.” Well, my deepest apologies, but you are WRONG AGAIN! So, so sorry about how wrong you always are about your shoes. Friday Night Lights’ Tim Riggins, AKA Taylor Kitsch, AKA “John Carter” of the film John Carter recently sat down for an interview with GQ Magazine where he let them know how REAL geniuses tie their shoes. (Looping the lace around an extra time before making the bow.) From GQ:

I play in a men’s league hockey in Austin. And I’m like, “Gentlemen, listen up. This is going to change your fucking life…” I learned when it was my Dad tying my skates, like seven or eight. Instead of going around once, you do it twice. All you’ve got to remember: “Just go around one more. Just one more.”

Does going around a third time make it even better, GQ asks?

No. It gets awkward if you do it another one.

Just one more. This has been a breaking news report from Tim Riggins re: tying your shoelaces. More information as the story develops.