Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I was only able to watch the second half of 30 Rock last night, because sometimes in life the most terrible things in the world can happen to you right when you least expect it, like when something happens and you miss the second half of a TV show that you meant to watch both halves of. But from what I gathered, something about Frank breaking up with his girlfriend and then getting back together with her? And also: meatballs? And also: Kenneth wasn’t wearing his page uniform? Those are really the only things that I gathered. Was it good?! I hope you all enjoyed it! I did see all of Parks and Recreation, obviously, I would never miss all of that no matter WHAT the world threw at me (no matter HOW MANY restaurants it made me stay at for a few minutes too long). That was good! It’s too bad that, even though Bobby Newport was talked about for the whole episode, we never got to SEE Bobby Newport. More Bobby Newport! Bring! Him! Back! Why does Ann work at the Parks department now? What happened to all of her patients at the hospital? Are they all dead? What’s going on there? Anyway, yes, it was a good episode — more of a “plot” episode than a “jokes” episode, but I did like when Adam Scott asked Leslie if she wished he were taller. LOL. Love those two. The Office was fine! I did enjoy it. I enjoyed hipster Erin, and Jim’s presentation. And Dwight got that job he wanted! Great, good for all of them. I watched Up All Night and Will Forte was on it! That show is consistently fairly enjoyable. WHAT DID YOU THINK?