Baby Barista Coffee Time!

C’mon, baby, we don’t have all day. You’re living in our house for free and we’ve only given you a few tasks, one of which is making the coffee. It’s certainly not that hard — we have a coffee maker that runs on pods, for goodness sakes. I don’t want to have to come down on you like this, but lately you have just been completely unreliable when it comes to the making the coffee, and for this home to run like the well-oiled machine it should, well — you need to be on top of your shit. You’re old enough to hear this. I’m only this upset because I fully believe that you can do this if you just put your mind to it. You’re not like the babies who are in charge of trivial tasks like putting away the toys, or putting blocks in correctly-shaped block holes, or just jumping in their damn jumping swings. You know what I’m talking about? Those swings? You’re different. You’re better than that. You’re in charge of the coffee.

There you go, baby. To be honest, though, I’d like to see you doing this on your own soon. If we had time to help you every morning, why would we even put you in charge? (Via BuzzFeed.)