This Week In GIFs!

Hey, do you realize that next time we all look at GIFs together it will be MARCH? Can you even believe that? It’s basically spring already! We didn’t even have a winter where I live and now it’s already spring GIF time pretty much! THROW OUT YOUR COATS! Anyway, this past week has been pretty wonderful, right? Remember how good SNL was with Maya Rudolph?! I just cannot get over it. And remember those Vin Diesel photos we all enjoyed so much? And remember how THE OSCARS ARE ON THIS SUNDAY? Too much. Just toooo much. Let’s look at GIFs about that stuff! Except not the Oscars because that hasn’t happened yet!

Maya Rudolph hosted SNL and it was the best!

We found out that Vin Diesel believes in us!

We watched the first episode of Downton Abbey together!

Obama sang another song!

We found out that the Hunger Games cast is doing a mall tour!

Chris Tucker owes an impossible amount of taxes!

Gabe was so upset about Bam Margera being in jail!

Zac Efron dropped a condom!!!!!!

And, finally, Thursday TV happened!