Candidates Describe Themselves In One Word

I didn’t happen to catch last night’s GOP debate because I never knew that there was going to be one, my bad, and also I had to watch Monday’s Gossip Girl because everything has gotten so annoying on that show, and also I’m not going to be live-tweeting it so WHY BOTHER, but because of that I didn’t hear about any of it until this morning. It looks like no one said anything too insane? I haven’t seen any blog posts about anything SUPER terrible, so everyone must have been right at their normal levels of hateful, bigoted, and crazy. Good for them! Did you guys all watch it? Which one of them do you want to vote for now? Is it still a tie between Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich? That’s fine, don’t rush the decision. I’m sure you’ll be able to sort that out over the next few debates. Especially with help from questions like this viewer-submitted one, asking the candidates to describe themselves in one word. Great Q! “I want the one who doesn’t know whether to describe himself with an adjective or a noun!” – America.

“Intolerant.” “Delusional.” “Hate-monger.” “Definitely racist.” Weird how they didn’t pick any of the right ones! But what an exciting GAME they’ve begun. WHICH WORD WOULD YOU CHOOSE?! I would chose either “bedtime” or “sleep.” (Via GotchaMedia.)