And The Award For Being “The Best” Goes To…Judy Blume!

The New York Times has an on-line Q&A with children’s author Judy Blume about this weekend’s Oscars and it’s just a delight. Judy Blume! Dishing on George Clooney! Here she is talking about the only movie anyone ever seems to want to talk about, The Bridesmaids:

Q: As a writer who was so inspirational to so many young women, I’m very curious to get your take on “Bridesmaids.”

A: I did like “Bridesmaids,” and I love Kristen Wiig. I thought that our guy from “Mad Men,” Jon Hamm, I thought he was fabulous in this. Did I want it to be something different? It was what it was, it was funny, and I liked it. I didn’t need the food poisoning [scene], I didn’t need that at all. I’m easy, you have to understand – I’m not analytical and I hate analytical discussions about these things. I’m a spontaneous, “this is how it made me feel.”

Judy Blume! She writes such great kids books, but apparently she is also very good at being an adult. Who knew? Did we know? Why didn’t anyone tell me? What a hero. Read the rest of her interview here. SPOILER ALERT: she likes Ryan Gosling. Because she’s a HUMAN BEING.