Old Guy Challenge: Guitar Old Guy VS. Yo-Yo Old Guy

Oh great, A CHALLENGE! The wonderful occasion when two videos that are kind of similar come into our lives at the same moment, giving us the chance to pit them against each other and choose a side based on FACTS and our HEARTS. Today we have two adorable older gentleman — one a bit older than the other, to be fair to everyone involved — fairness is my #1 policy — doing things that you don’t generally see older gentleman doing every day of your life. First we have an older man playing some cool guitar licks, as if he’s not a day over 13-65, which is the average, though certainly with exceptions, guitar playing age range for a human that I just guessed about. Then we have an older guy doing some SUPER COOL yo-yo stunts, as if he’s not a day over whatever age range that people are into yo-yo for. Childhood and then again for a little while in college? WHO KNOWS! But I do know one thing, and that is that IT’S TIME TO PICK WHICH OLDER GUY IS COOLER!

Guitar Playing Old Guy?

Yo-Yoing Old Guy?

So now you’ve seen each old man make his case. The only thing left to do is make your voice heard in THIS POLL!:

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So which one did you pick? Was it the guitar guy, because you’re cool? Was it the yo-yo guy, because you’re a cool nerd? WHICH ONE WAS IT? Either way, the important thing is that you did your duty and voted. I’m proud of you! Good job! (Via BuzzFeed, UniqueDaily.)