BREAKING NEWS: Woman Falls Down

There’s no audio in the following clip, so you can’t tell what the news broadcast is actually supposed to be about, or who this guy is that they’re interviewing about “[illegible] Spending Report” and guess what: WHO CARES! Because this clip captures something far more noteworthy: a woman texting while she is walking and falling PLUM FLAT ON HER BIG OLD FACE. Hahahahhahahahha! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Hahahaha. You know what isn’t news? That people falling down is still and forever the FUNNIEST THING EVER. Bridesmaids was funny and all, ladiiiies, but how is it that we’ve never seen a feature length film that is just people falling down over and over? Oh wait. I guess we’ve kind of seen three of them and they’re hilarious. (Is Jackass 3D hanging in a museum yet? Because that movie should hang in a museum. I am not joking. One of the greatest works of art I have ever seen.) Anyway, enjoy this clip of a woman falling down on the news. Haaaaaaa. “Can’t make drinks 3night have a friend in towhoaaaaaaaaa!”