A Baby Composer And The (Great) Baby Composer Game

BRAVA! BRAVA! Wonderful job, baby. I assume you added in the accompaniment in Logic Pro after you filmed the piano portion and, although it isn’t without its flaws, overall it shows tremendous talent and promise. Keep working at it, baby. In the meantime I think this calls for a BABY COMPOSER GAME! Duh duh duh, it definitely does. I’ll go first:

  • Ludwig Van Teeth-ing-hoven
  • Claude De-school-bussy
  • Franz Sherbet
  • Johann Sebastian Baba
  • Benjamin Button (As A Baby) (Rather than Benjamin Britten)
  • Béla Bar-can’t-talk

GREAT JOB, KELLY! Paying for three or so years of music college was very worth it. Now it’s your turn! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)